Monday, December 12, 2011

Summer lovin

More sewing...I am finally getting stuck into my hoard of floral fabrics and putting them to good use. I just love putting colour/ fabric combinations together and each one becomes my new favourite lol!
I actually began this bag earlier this year, then threw it on the way side as I was a bit over my sewing machine and messy stitching. I picked it up again on my mission to complete unfinished projects, how good is it to tick another one off the list and I still love the horse fabric after all this time which is even better. It is a really good size and quite easy to make once I got my head around the pleating. I have a few more in progress now to add to my potential market stall.
 Cute little bags from 'Meet me at Mikes'. I adore them and yes, there'll be more on the way!
Some more cards I have been making. This is probably my biggest joy and I find it quite theraputic making them. And I mean, how hard is it to glue things on pretty paper?

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