Thursday, March 31, 2011

College work

What a busy week at college it has been with so many things to hand in!
 Monday was window time. This is my interpretation of a classic style fashion window, I went for a winter woodland feel and couldn't help adding a touch of whimsy. I bought the green checked coat during my first winter living in London from H & M and I LOVE it dearly. I have to say it is my greatest clothing buy of all time.
The props were easy and since I'm a full time student on a very tight budget, they were cheap too. The wooden tree was in the prop room at college (lucky me) , the leaves are cut from left over christmas wrap with the non printed side up and scrunched a bit for texture and the deer is simply cut from cardboard and suspended.
 Another angle!
This cat is from 'Meet me at Mikes' and was made as a textile submission for 3D class. Cute and simple to make.
 The bag is from 'Meet me at Mikes' also. I love the fabric and color combo in this and can't wait to use it!
For a papier mache project I chose to do a russian doll, here she is towering over my other dolls.

Lastly we have a wire sculpture bird made from coathanger style wire bent into shape then wrapped in wool.
None of these projects cost much money as I just used what I had laying around, I find that is when the best ideas come out. Happy crafting!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My beautiful bunny, Cookie!

Here is my gorgeous rabbit. The camera loves him and so do I!

Styling class

 I always thought that I was mainly interested in playing around styling 'stuff'- homewares, accessories, food but not really clothing or fashion. But since being forced to use clothing in some recent class assessments I am more inspired. In the near future we have to shoot a 4-6  page fashion story which I am very excited about, especially about choosing a location, using props and creating a mood.
Here are a few photos from class...

The brief for this was to use one or two items of clothing, styled with accessories and props and to shoot from above, then arrange another shot without the clothing to create a two page story.
This is the second photo in the 'Miss Cutie-pie' story.
An accessories shot, inspired by the picture in it.
Playing around. I loved this beautiful shell and happened to have a little bit of pearl jewellery.
The metal letter 'W' made me think of the word Whimsy, although I am not sure it really goes with styling.
I totally adore styling class, it allows me to get in touch with a few passions of mine which are theme, colour and little collections....and hopefully I can make this my future day job!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shabby Chic Cupcakes

A few days ago a close friend of mine had her birthday and what better excuse to make more cupcakes! I have to admit that the cakes themselves were made from a packet, something that I don't do very often as I really enjoy the whole process of baking from scratch, but they did taste great! I spent ages handmaking the pink roses, but I'm so happy how they turned out.

The fondant icing is something totally new to me and I look forward to more experimenting. Maybe this year I will finally do that cake decorating workshop that I've always wanted to do.
Now it's time for a cup of tea and......a cupcake!