Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 I have been distracted by internet shopping. This cute little owl and purple pillowcase are from little tea wagon

I bought the cutest polymer creations from lucys sweet beads after falling in love with the necklace via instagram.

 I found the most perfect care bear plate from the op shop...I am very partial to care bears and almost squealed when I spotted this :) Also found the lovely bright pillowcase in the background at the same time.

 Pure wool in "my colours" also from an op shop and going very cheap.
 I've been busy adding to my sunburst blanket which I started 18 whole months ago....gee, I really am the worst at finishing things!
Spring is here loud and clear and with this new season comes new inspiration. I am busy working on opening an Etsy store (finally) ... My creative mind is in overdrive once again after a winter lull and I am striving to be the best, most positive me that I can be.
Aah, Spring...I love this time of year!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lovely colours

Pinks, Yellows, Oranges.
These colours make such a lovely combination and have been popping up here and there in my life lately. Such sunny colours they really make me look forward to the long summer days which won't be too fay away considering this last month of winter has been very warm and I have already been slightly sunburnt! I cannot wait to get my pretty floral dresses out :)
 I made orange and poppy seed cupcakes recently, and I just happened to have pink and yellow cases and sprinkles to match. Not really a coincidence, actually, since I am such a compulsive buyer of cake decorating supplies!
 They were not only pretty but yummy as well!

These are treasures from my recent trip to Melbourne...Vintage sheet from an op shop and pink pear candle holder and pineapple plate from Mozi, I love fruit themed items...and those colours again...
Hope you are enjoying the sunshine in one form or another! xxx

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blythe fashions

Well long time no see! Yeah, I am sad to say I have neglected my beloved little blog of late. Just a lack of creative mojo, it happens....But I feel it is creeping back, YAY! :)
Here is a little Blythe fashion show to brighten the day. The dresses and hats I made myself and the cute cardigans I bought off Etsy. She really needs some shoes and socks or stockings though, barefoot in winter? Not good. Eek, I must have another doll soon as she is all alone.

 This crochet cupcake hat just happened, don't ask me how! Maybe I can figure out how to make another one.
I would love her cardigan in my size...I am a little obsessed with pretty pastel rainbow colours. Maybe I need to learn how to knit, hmmm do I need another hobby?
 For some more beautiful Blythe images and just gorgeous photos in general, have a look at this lovely blog Zoe Power .
Keep warm if in Oz. I am a little jealous of my British and Irish friends and family with their 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Macaron pendants

These macarons have been in the works for a very long time, but finally the pendants are finished, YAY! This is my first venture into the world of polymer clay and I'm pretty sure it won't be my last, it's a bit fun and the possibilities are endless. Now I just need to attach them to some lovely, shiny ball chains and they are ready to wear....if only I could figure out where all my little findings are. **Note to self, organize craft room and put things back where they belong.**

I honestly can't pick a favourite as there is something sweet about each one, oh and the pastel goodness, did I mention that?! Makes me want to squeal!
Happy Friday xxx

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy beads

I've been busy the past few days making more colourful beaded necklaces (so much for finishing one of my crochet blankets!) You may remember seeing one of these here before. I really love the wool and wood combination, plus the wooden beads add a bit of weight as the crochet beads are only stuffed with polyfil. They are strung on waxed cotton, which I have knotted at the back. Pretty simple, but happy and fun!
 Now I just need to pull my finger out and try and sell a few. I am so inspired by Katie from House of Humble, that I think I might finally open an etsy store, something which I have been toying with for so long. Taking the plunge is a little frightening!

The best part is playing with colour combinations, lots of fun :)
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP...mess and all

Another work in progress, sigh. This blanket was started the year before last on my train commute to has stopped and started, been packed away and forgotten about , been unpacked and forgotten about, but now I just want it finished! So this is the ONLY crochet I'm allowing for the next little while untill it is done and dusted.

Really not looking forward to weaving in those ends :( Hopefully it will be very close to complete by next week.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blythe's kitty cat hat

The weather is definitely cooler and crisp here now, which I love although it is still not cold enough for true winter woolies. Blythe's wardrobe needs a serious update to get her comfy during Autumn so I made a few new dresses and hats, plus bought her 2 fab new she just needs a couple more things, especially some shoes! Barefoot during the cold months? I don't think so!
Here is the first new dress and cute kitty hat....hmm I think I am living through her as I would LOVE to look like this, hehe.

More outfit updates to come. xxx
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty little shelves

It seems that no home is complete without a little house shaped shadow box. I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon,giving my $2 op shop find a pretty makeover. The paint colour is called 'Holey Moley' from brittish paints( I think?) and I have used it for a few projects so far, love it. I have lined the little shelves with paper from Typo, which is in fact reprints of vintage fabric, so lovely and the perfect colour pallette for me.
 Now I just need to find a few more tiny things to display.

 Here is Cookie in bunny figurine form.

Oliver in ceramic cat form.
Shadowbox before being 'prettified'.
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