Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas time

Merry Christmas! I have really enjoyed looking at everyones beautiful posts of late in blogland and hope you all had a wonderful xmas. I am a tad late with my post as I was just too busy working the past week and too tired in the evenings, any of you in retail will know what I mean, it was hectic!
Anyway, here are a few piccies of my home on xmas day.
The closest thing I have to a mantel piece and fireplace is our wood burner, but it does the job as a focal point in the living room. I kept the decorating fairly simple this year and stuck to my fave colours, purple and aqua, with white of course. Maybe one day I will go for a more traditional colour scheme, but it just doesn't feel right when its summer time.
I love this little bird house. For gifts I filled cute little cups with homemade white christmas.
Homemade white chocolate mud cake trees.
My second attempt at white  christmas, this year it worked and tasted yummy!
Once again, Merry Christmas.


  1. Your Christmas pics are lovely Larissa. I love the colour combo you much nicer than boring old red and green, gold and silver! Who needs traditional anyway...
    I hope you had a fabulous Christmas x

  2. Thanks so much Kylie, I seem to do almost everything in purple and aqua lol :) Happy New Year xx