Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunburst blanket progress

Here's a peek at my granny blanket so far. I made so many squares, or so I thought, and once I joined them all together it really isn't all that big! I'd say it is about a third of the size I'd like it to be. This blanket is a real labour of love, soooo time consuming but very rewarding. Looking at all my favourite colours and how they pop out against the white makes me so happy. But I have taken a tiny break from this project just to do a few small things that can be completed quickly. I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of it very soon though as the weather is getting a little cooler and it would be a shame not to finish it for winter. Why does crocheting take so long!!

 I adore looking at granny blankets on Pinterest, especially seeing the different colour combinations. Practical and beautiful....and something to hand down.


  1. Gorgeous I'm part way through one similar - cant wait to see it finished but still away to go. Enjoy!!!

  2. Gorgeous granny Larissa. I love the way you've used white instead of the black to edge your squares (nearly all of the grannies I find in oppies are edged in black - I have to rely on oppies for mine because I can't crochet!)
    Yours is going to be lovely and snuggly and a beautiful heirloom to pass on to future sugar plums too.

  3. This is gorgeous!. The colours are so pretty and your crocheting is super neat. It also reminds me that I have not one, but two granny square blankets on the go!! Must get on! Thanks for the inspiration to finish them!!

  4. This is soooo pretty! I can never go past beautiful colours surrounded by a crisp white border!

  5. Maravillosa!!hace poco hice una parecida para un bebé, son preciosos la combinacion de colores que has usado!