Monday, July 22, 2013

Blythe fashions

Well long time no see! Yeah, I am sad to say I have neglected my beloved little blog of late. Just a lack of creative mojo, it happens....But I feel it is creeping back, YAY! :)
Here is a little Blythe fashion show to brighten the day. The dresses and hats I made myself and the cute cardigans I bought off Etsy. She really needs some shoes and socks or stockings though, barefoot in winter? Not good. Eek, I must have another doll soon as she is all alone.

 This crochet cupcake hat just happened, don't ask me how! Maybe I can figure out how to make another one.
I would love her cardigan in my size...I am a little obsessed with pretty pastel rainbow colours. Maybe I need to learn how to knit, hmmm do I need another hobby?
 For some more beautiful Blythe images and just gorgeous photos in general, have a look at this lovely blog Zoe Power .
Keep warm if in Oz. I am a little jealous of my British and Irish friends and family with their