Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lovely colours

Pinks, Yellows, Oranges.
These colours make such a lovely combination and have been popping up here and there in my life lately. Such sunny colours they really make me look forward to the long summer days which won't be too fay away considering this last month of winter has been very warm and I have already been slightly sunburnt! I cannot wait to get my pretty floral dresses out :)
 I made orange and poppy seed cupcakes recently, and I just happened to have pink and yellow cases and sprinkles to match. Not really a coincidence, actually, since I am such a compulsive buyer of cake decorating supplies!
 They were not only pretty but yummy as well!

These are treasures from my recent trip to Melbourne...Vintage sheet from an op shop and pink pear candle holder and pineapple plate from Mozi, I love fruit themed items...and those colours again...
Hope you are enjoying the sunshine in one form or another! xxx