Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Designer window complete!

Here is my 'Designer' themed window display for college. I took my inspiration from peacocks and the outfit is just draped fabric held together only by pins, with a few peacock feathers placed to tie back in with the fabric. The mask appears in previous blog entries and is the only prop added to this display. Appologies for the photo quality!


At the moment I'm studying Visual Merchandising and am almost finished my first year. A big part of the course is learning to 'group' items based on theme, colour, style or just to fill a gap. Never one to miss an opportunity to put together lovely things, here are a few samples!

This mask was made as a prop for a recent window display,I was inspired by peacock colours and just can't go past a sprinkling of glitter!

My mask works well teamed with these vibrant blue orchids which were a gift from my beautiful boyfriend. Aaahhh!

Trying to come up with an image for a jewellery display, I played around with my own pieces and had to include a sweet fairy which suited the style and also cushions as a backdrop to reinforce the pretty pastel shades.

A close up!

This image became my final choice.

Please enjoy Xx

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Cupcakes!

I made these coconut cupcakes for my recent 31st Bday and they went down a treat! This one's decorated with musk-stick stars, mmmmm.

Marshmallow flowers,yummy!