Saturday, October 1, 2011

three green bottles...

I've had these buddha beer bottles for ages now and today I finally dragged them out from the cupboard under the sink and put them to good use. I adore purple and green so it's just lucky that I treated myself to these purple carnations a few days ago, they go perfectly. It was a grey old afternoon outside but they really brighten up the window sill I think, bringing spring inside.
 Meanwhile my boyfriend has made this amazing welcome sign, just on a whim! My nextdoor neighbours chopped a tree down and we were able to collect a few logs (for future projects I have up my sleeve) and a couple of thinner pieces like this. I adore the bunny and cat which represent our little boys, Cookie and Oliver.
My pretty flowers. I more often than not have carnations in the house as they are usually really inexpensive so they make a cheap treat, they come in lots of lovely colours and they last for ages, bonus! But honestly I love all flowers and could easily have them all through the house,in every room.

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