Thursday, September 29, 2011

Melbourne weekend away

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend a few days with my boyfriend on holiday in Melbourne. We had a great time catching up with friends, sight seeing, eating lots and I particularly enjoyed looking at all the cute and quirky stores.
Chapel Street, home to Chapel St Bazaar of course, where I took this sneaky pic of my fave area which was cram packed full of vintage china. I fell in love with an amazing purple and floral tea cup but at $85, I sadly had to leave it in the cabinet. Also another store up my alley was Ishka, a hippy type of store. I must have an aqua mirror just like this one, and yes that is me in the reflection!
 The sun really came out on our trip to St Kilda, which also happened to be my birthday. It was just blissfull checking out the markets then sitting in sunshine, near the beach eating ice creams. By the way they definitely  tasted as good as they looked.
 Brunswick Street, probably my favourite area of melbourne. Filled with cool and unusual stores and the one and only 'Meet me at Mikes' which had a great window display of pom poms, I couldn't quite pick it up in the photo due to reflection though. Also, how much do I love this pink sink? It was in 'Mozi' and I'm sure the shop assistant thought I was mad taking a photo of it ha ha!
Lovely macarons in the Royal Arcade in central Melbourne.
When I ordered a lemon,lime and bitters in a little bar on the Yarra, I was very impressed when it arrived in a jar. Seriously, I couldn't contain my excitement!
 Here is a funky cake stand I bought in Mozi, displayed on some pretty japanese paper from a store in Chapel St.
 Beautiful handmade soaps, yes the cupcake is a soap too, from St Kilda markets. My sweet friend gave them to me for my birthday.
 Some beads from Ishka.
 The cutest disney friends from Chapel St Bazaar, another birthday gift.
And lastly macarons, LOVE LOVE LOVE them, it was near impossible to pick just two but I decided on coconut and raspberry. I carried them all the way home to sydney (by foot, bus, plane, train & car) just so i could take a good pic of them! Then I gobbled them up, both of them in 2 seconds flat...they were AMAZING!



  1. This is such a lovely post - all the colour and cute things and prettiness! Looks like you had a great time for your birthday. x

  2. Hi Larissa, what a lovely happy little blog you've got.
    I bought my wedding dress from the Chapel St Bazzar and just today my husband and I were looking at two pink sinks like the one in your pics at a Salvage yard here in Perth...tossing up whether to buy them for our bathroom reno x

  3. Thanks Elyn, I did have a great time in Melbs!

    Thanks Kylie! If you end up with a pink sink, I'll be well jealous lol!