Saturday, October 8, 2011

Purple and Yellow = Happy Colours!

What a lucky girl I was this week to receive the most absolutely gorgeous bunch of flowers. They were  a belated birthday present from a dear friend and my goodness they have made me happy. I have been oohing and aahing over them at every opportunity and the stunning colours have inspired me to make a happy little spring display.
The colours tie in beautifully with the Bunting I already had hanging in the window, don't you love it when these things just magically happen! 
 How sweet is this little spotty cup...and it's from Coles. Thanks to my friend Emma who alerted me to the fact Coles had them.
I adore these Kashmiri papier mache bangles from one of my all time favourite stores, Tree of Life.
 I've even added yellow to my nail polish collection, but it's ok because its Pastel!

Can you tell I love colour? What colour combinations float your boat?


  1. I love your bunting, did you crochet it?

  2. Hmm, red and black me thinks - very 'Dracula' (Mwahaha!)
    Love the new photo of Cookie on your page :oD

  3. Its all so visually inspiring. Maybe I will take some more photo's around the house. Have fun at TAFE, those cups are great for $3.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments gals, I am chuffed!

    Kylie, I did make the bunting,crochet is my latest obsession lol!