Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bunting, bunting...everywhere!

It's been awhile between blog posts due to having such a poor internet service of late. I have a back log of photos to put up, it has been so frustrating! But anyway, here I am with some colour, now there's a surprise lol!
 I made this bunting for myself to see what a white edging would look like, and I really love it. I adore white these days as it makes colours really pop and also looks clean and fresh. It is in our living room above our hallway entrance.
 Bright bunting for a friend. She has a little boy and a little girl who share a room so I tried to incorporate as many colours as possible instead of my usual girly shades. The kiddies loved it...I look forward to decorating a baby's room some day for my own child and of course there will be bunting everywhere!
Crochet is taking over my life! I have five projects on the go right now and with a bit of luck I will finish at least one of them very soon, so stay tuned! xxx

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