Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's new.... Pussycat!

A break from crafty talk, I thought I'd share some family news!
There have been many, many pets in my life, dogs, rabbits, guinea-pigs, birds, rats, fish even an axolotyl! But for various reasons there has never been a cat...and I've always wanted one. I remember as a very small child, I picked a neighbours kitten right out of their front garden and took it home telling everyone I 'found' it and could I keep it...I didn't 'find' it and I couldn't keep it!
So after much thought and with my partner finally on board Oliver came into our lives.At the RSPCA there were some gorgeous cats and kittens. I took my time but kept coming back to a fluffy grey & white, 5 month old kitten as he was just so sweet and relaxed and that was it, you could even say he chose me! We've had Oliver home for about two months now and he has brought us so much happiness. He is a bundle of love and is also becoming great friends with my bunny, Cookie-the other love of my life!

Animals are so precious and pets bring unconditional love to our lives. If any of you are thinking of adding a little furry friend to your family, I would definitely encourage a visit to your local shelter. xxx

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