Friday, July 8, 2011

It started with a cupcake....

Today I had a 'play date' with my friends wonderful 12yr old daughter. Our morning was spent baking yummy cupcakes and of course we wanted to photograph them, but I cannot just take a simple ordinary photo, it has to be all set up complete with back drops and props! So our day ended up being one filled with creativity.
 The first photo...
 This shot was styled by my my firend's daughter who is very arty and has a great eye.
 More props!
Loving red at the moment which is the last colour I usually go for.

 Purple, my fave colour! Styled by my helper.
 I am in love with this fabric, not sure what will become of it though. A joint effort in styling this one.

My lil helper loved all my soft toys, some made by Emma

 I picked up this old box the other day in an op shop for $4! I will most probably give it a facelift with some paint eventually.
Going for a vintage inspired look here, pretty happy with it.

Glad to be back in my crafty groove, so many ideas now and since I'm on break from college I finally have the time to do my own projects, YAY! xx

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