Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's raining outside...

I love rainy weather and the past week hasn't disappointed. With every reason to stay indoors, it was a great time to finish off a few projects, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and get all warm and cosy. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of rain falling outside.
These rainy photos of my water logged backyard were taken a few months ago, but I just thought that now was the perfect time to share them.
I love the hint of purple flowers in the background...
Gardens sparkle when the sun comes out after a downpour.
 It was a dear friends birthday over the weekend so I whipped up this bag and card for her. You can never have enough calico bags and I thought it would be very handy as she is an art student with many bits and pieces to lug back and forth to college.
 A quilt I began making about a month ago for a friends baby and after many dramas and hiccups, I am proud to say it is finally finished! It is the first quilt I have completed and quite a learning experience since I kind of did it my own way, a true quilter would probably frown upon my handiwork!
Something I have wanted to learn for a while now is to crochet. I started 3 days ago, following instructions from 'Meet Me at Mikes', and I think I almost have the hang of crocheting granny squares! Originally I wanted to make a whole blanket of lovely colourful squares, but I may just settle for a few doilies instead, I dont think I have the patience to make hundreds of squares. And also my new kitten keeps pulling the wool as I go lol!

What do you do when it's raining outside?

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