Thursday, March 31, 2011

College work

What a busy week at college it has been with so many things to hand in!
 Monday was window time. This is my interpretation of a classic style fashion window, I went for a winter woodland feel and couldn't help adding a touch of whimsy. I bought the green checked coat during my first winter living in London from H & M and I LOVE it dearly. I have to say it is my greatest clothing buy of all time.
The props were easy and since I'm a full time student on a very tight budget, they were cheap too. The wooden tree was in the prop room at college (lucky me) , the leaves are cut from left over christmas wrap with the non printed side up and scrunched a bit for texture and the deer is simply cut from cardboard and suspended.
 Another angle!
This cat is from 'Meet me at Mikes' and was made as a textile submission for 3D class. Cute and simple to make.
 The bag is from 'Meet me at Mikes' also. I love the fabric and color combo in this and can't wait to use it!
For a papier mache project I chose to do a russian doll, here she is towering over my other dolls.

Lastly we have a wire sculpture bird made from coathanger style wire bent into shape then wrapped in wool.
None of these projects cost much money as I just used what I had laying around, I find that is when the best ideas come out. Happy crafting!

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