Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pretty colours everywhere!

Feeling inspired and with a bit of spare time on my hands, I finally decided to pretty up my older style rented home.
I am so in love with this battered and broken old chair which was a roadside find, it was even already splattered with paint and filled with character. The vintage tea cup and saucers were from a local op shop and the pastel flowers a gift from my thoughtful boyfriend.
My most recent project was transforming this old 2nd hand frame which was grimy gold and caked in dust, into a pretty, shabby chic must have. The cards and lanterns are from Typo, which has to be one of my favourite stores.
 A wider view.
 A makeshift desk includes some of my many candy coloured craft materials.
A corner of my very 'red' and very 'wooden' kitchen, at least I can get a few of my colours involved.
 Part of my laundry. I really don't mind its retro charm and lovely teal/turquoise colouring. The peg tin is from Aldi of all places, couldn't resist!
Burgundy bathroom, my ultimate nemesis, how I hate thee! There is not much I can do in here but add a bit of sugary pink! The little glass bottles were from a $2 shop.
So many products, what else to do other than arrange them in colour order lol!
A quilt I have been working on forever, thrown over the lounge.
 My ultimate inspiration, a lovely Rainbow.

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  1. Your house looks so nice now, glad your holiday time has been spent creatively. Is the quilt finished? You are going to love my op shop find today, I will post it tomorrow. 10 out of 10 xx