Friday, March 18, 2011

Styling class

 I always thought that I was mainly interested in playing around styling 'stuff'- homewares, accessories, food but not really clothing or fashion. But since being forced to use clothing in some recent class assessments I am more inspired. In the near future we have to shoot a 4-6  page fashion story which I am very excited about, especially about choosing a location, using props and creating a mood.
Here are a few photos from class...

The brief for this was to use one or two items of clothing, styled with accessories and props and to shoot from above, then arrange another shot without the clothing to create a two page story.
This is the second photo in the 'Miss Cutie-pie' story.
An accessories shot, inspired by the picture in it.
Playing around. I loved this beautiful shell and happened to have a little bit of pearl jewellery.
The metal letter 'W' made me think of the word Whimsy, although I am not sure it really goes with styling.
I totally adore styling class, it allows me to get in touch with a few passions of mine which are theme, colour and little collections....and hopefully I can make this my future day job!

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