Wednesday, January 30, 2013

pastel wool love

As I may have mentioned before...I LOVE pastel colours! Inspired by the many beautiful scandinavian homes which are filled with white, light and pastel touches, I am on a mission to give my home a nini has to be 'mini' since we rent. Luckily most of our walls are white in our living area so it's just a case of editing what is on display and adding a few things here and there.
I made this mandala originally to sit on my Lilac coffee table ( more on that later! ), but I am thinking now that I might like it better as a lovely round cushion. So technically it remains 'unfinished'. I made it up as I went along and used colours from an artwork which is yet to be hung on the wall. My inspiration came from this gorgeous blog.

 Part of the new art work. I was so drawn to this not only because of the colours but also we live near the beach so I quite like a bit of seaside theme.
Stay tuned for the big room reveal,once I actually get it done!
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  1. It looks great & I really enjoy seeing your inspiration too.