Wednesday, September 5, 2012

cutest panda ever!

Still in the mode of 'small projects', I crocheted my first ever 3D toy!
 Ooooh, I adore him.
 I followed the pattern in 'Meet me at Mikes'. Way back when I bought this book I couldn't even crochet, so I looked at this panda and thought "no chance"...

 But here he is...there was no way he was going to be a normal black and white panda,hehehe.
Out and about, smelling the jasmine.
All I can say to anyone who thinks this little fella is beyond them, DON"T! Please give it a go. It is just one basic stitch and a little bit of increasing/decreasing....and patience. But it is so worth the effort, you'll be so proud of yourself! I'd love to see one of these guys on every crocheter's page.

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