Saturday, August 11, 2012

Colour my world

There can never be too much colour in my life...Just saying!
Inspired once again by beautiful Attic 24, I began making a rainbow crochet bag....but as it grew I thought that I will probably never use it so it became a stool cover instead!

 The early stages.
 The finished product!
 Pretty colours.
A few 'issues' with my colour joining technique, but oh well it adds handmade character,right?
I've taken this colour obsession to a new level and new pink hair! It's just a bit of fun but I will be back to blonde soon I'd say :)

A rainbow filled life for me! xxxx


  1. Hey Larissa, that stool cover is fab.....great colours and I love, love, love your hair too.

    Claire :}

  2. It is gorgeous! Love love love!!! So bright, so vibrant, so wonderful.

  3. The colours are beautiful, looks great!

  4. Love it! Can't have too many crochet covered stools me thinks.

  5. Stool looks amazing, I love Attic 24 too! And your hair is gorgeous :)