Thursday, July 12, 2012

More plastic purses

Recently I had a spurt of sewing excitement (it comes and goes) and whipped up a few more pretty plastic purses. I love small projects that I can actually get finished and it's so much fun mixing and matching colours and fabrics together. The plastic can be a little fiddly at times, but it's so rewarding when they turn out ok!

I have a few more 'plastic' ideas so hopefully I will get cracking on those very soon. Too many crafty ideas....not enough time!



  1. You have been busy Larissa, nice little stack of purses there and it is great when projects turn out well......

    I can tell you've had fun playing with fabric and trims, hope you manage to find a bit more time in your day for more crafty pursuits......


  2. Cute! Well done lady! Ienvy your sewing skills!
    Agreed about the time issue!

  3. They look cute! I love small sewing projects too!

  4. They are lovely...and I love the randomness of making small things like that with so many fabric combinations to be had. x

  5. these are gorgeous! i do love those liberty style fabrics and that bunting ribbon *sqweee* !!!