Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pastel Jackpot

Pastel colours everywhere! I can't believe my luck of late, it doesn't matter where I go, I have found pretty coloured items.
These gorgeous plates were from an Op shop on Friday. There are 3 large and 3 smaller plates in lemon, baby pink and powder blue plus a pretty floral one for good measure. I am trying to cut back on buying vintage plates, really I am, but I never come accross bigger sized plates so had to have them.
Lovely scrapbooking embelishments.
More embelishments, glittery too aaah.
I almost couldn't contain myself when I stumbled upon this wool on a bottom shelf in Spotlight. And the chunky crochet hoots which my friend found for me, also on our trip to Spotlight. I'm planning a scarf out of this lot.
Part of a cushion cover for my Mum.
Tiles in a bargain basement for only 15c each. I just can't stop looking at them.
My motto this week is "Ask and you shall receive" as I have found quite a few items off my secret, unspoken list, which is in fact, just buy anything that is in a pretty colour lol!

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