Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just lovely

Last Friday I checked out a sewing and craft show in Newcastle with my friend. A great way to fill a grey and rainy day.There was so much fabric and we bought many, many fat quarters! I also bought these pretty beads.
 I love pearls at the moment and these are especially good as they are nice and heavy. The glass beads are beautiful and the little plastic flowers are too cute. I'm not sure what will become of all these but they do look pretty on display in a glass bowl.
 On Sunday the handmade markets were on. I do like these markets as there is always a good atmosphere and it's great to see what other people are creating. Since I was on a tight budget due to my fabric blowout during the week, I only bought a couple of little things. I fell in love with these little glittery cupcake soaps, I could've bought the whole lot but narrowed it down to these two. They don't look a bit out of place with my 'Lush' soap.
 Finally the table is clutter free so I can display a few of my favourite pretty, pastel things.
Any lastly a super YUMMY cupcake from the handmade markets, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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