Sunday, February 20, 2011

Having a red hot go at Interior Styling

For years and years I have been ripping out pages from all manner of magazines, whatever I could get my hands on really, but especially Interiors magazines. My ultimate dream is to have my home worthy to be featured in one of these. So when I learned that one of the subjects we would be covering in my Visual Merchandising course was 'Styling Merchandise for Photography', I could not contain my delight. We had our first assessment today and the brief was simply, 'homewares close up'.
 Above is my favourite shot. I am totally in love with the old window with it's wooden frame and grime streaked glass.
 This is the shot I think I will use as my final choice.

After completion of our assessment we then had to swap with another class member and re-style their accessories. This was very different for me as I am not a huge Red fan, but I am happy with how it turned out.
Now I am inspired to start styling areas of my home, so we'll see what can be done with a rented and fairly retro house that has seen better days.....

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  1. Awesome pics Larissa! Remember what we said at coffee? Little by little... Lol