Monday, January 24, 2011

Today I've been a Sew & Sew!

I've long been stockpiling fabric for a rainy day and although today was hot and dry, I finally sat in front of the sewing machine and pressed my foot firmly on the pedal!
I've had my eye on this softie pattern for quite awhile as I fell in love with the little deer on the cover so when Lincraft had half price on their patterns recently I couldn't say no.
And here is my first ever attempt at a softie! I think she is very sweet and although my sewing skills need to improve( I am used to only sewing in straight lines lol) she's not too bad for a first go.
An owl cushion I started working on awhile ago, it just needed to be stitched and stuffed! This was a pattern I made myself, next time I think I'll try a different owl as this one reminds me a little of a seal!
It's sooo good to have my sewing machine back,it had been sitting in my mother's spare room since I moved house last August, it's a neccessity really. Lots of things to finish off and many more projects in my mind, so going to be busy! Sewing is a satisfying skill and I endeavour to improve as the possibilities really are endless. So everybody get a sewing machine, a stash of fabric and start creating!

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