Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas time!

This year instead of a traditional tree I've gone for twigs, which seem to be on trend as a few of my friends also have decorated branches! Mine were collected from my own backyard and painted white with just simple house paint. Known for being very colourful, I have gone for a pretty bright pallette this year which really stands out in contrast with the crisp white. The majority of my decorations were sourced from Big W.

A close up of the base of my twig 'tree', presents wrapped in white with colourful ribbons to continue the theme.

Home made xmas cards.

I used more white twigs to decorate above the doorway.

As we don't exactly have a conventional front door, my wreath is hung inside on a wall.
Hope you all had as much fun decorating as i did this xmas!

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  1. I love your cards and your wreath, and the wall hanging and everything else. I am very impressed with your new banner, I need to learn more on Corel. xx