Tuesday, October 26, 2010


At the moment I'm studying Visual Merchandising and am almost finished my first year. A big part of the course is learning to 'group' items based on theme, colour, style or just to fill a gap. Never one to miss an opportunity to put together lovely things, here are a few samples!

This mask was made as a prop for a recent window display,I was inspired by peacock colours and just can't go past a sprinkling of glitter!

My mask works well teamed with these vibrant blue orchids which were a gift from my beautiful boyfriend. Aaahhh!

Trying to come up with an image for a jewellery display, I played around with my own pieces and had to include a sweet fairy which suited the style and also cushions as a backdrop to reinforce the pretty pastel shades.

A close up!

This image became my final choice.

Please enjoy Xx

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  1. Dear Larissa,
    Your displays are lovely. You have a good eye. I just wanted to leave a note of encouragement and wish you well in your classes. I write the Retail Details blog about visual merchandising. I think you may enjoy it. You can even submit pictures of your displays to be considered for inclusion. I would like to feature some student work. My email and details at swirlmarketing.com
    Best regards,
    Becky Tyre, Retail Details blog