Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blythe's new dress

Blythe has entered my life!
A few months ago I finally treated myself and bought my first Blythe. She was a factory 'nude' doll off ebay, but really that was fine with me. I think she's beautiful and I can't see any flaws...however there was the issue of clothing, or lack of!
I didn't have the confidence to just wing it and stitch up a dress without a pattern, I'm not that clever with the sewing machine, so after trawling the internet for inspiration and free tutorials I found success here and here.
She's so pretty isn't she?!
I can't believe how big the Blythe world is, and there are some amazingly creative people out there. I'm already hooked and look forward to adding another doll to my family!


  1. Larissa OMG this is amazing!!!! you have to make your talent a business STAT!! Also thats the colour I want my hair!

    Saoirse <3

  2. I love the trim on the dress, she looks so cute. I have been looking at them now, I will have to resist.